The English Oak

Yin Yang


Sometimes known as the Chinese Moongate, these structures are believed to have stemmed from the Chinese influence upon English garden art. Moongates had been a favourite feature in the celebrated gardens of Old China.

Designed in the shape of a circle let low into a garden wall to allow a pathway through so providing a glimpse of the view when approached from either side, the Moongate undoubtedly gave an added dimension to its surroundings. Therefore its setting was often arranged so that the view from one side encompassed the colourful flower filled pleasure garden, or the sweeping landscape grounds, while from the other side at least a part of the actual house and its immediate lawns and flower beds were caught up in the view - the hole giving a mirror-like effect to a walled garden scene.

The Moongate dates well back in the history of China where, like the full moon it resembles, it played an important part in the cultural philosophy of Old China, where it was customary for people to meditate in the garden by night and contemplate the moon's passage in its circle.

 ( The Moongate at the National Bonsai And Penjing Museum )

To complement the Oriental theme of the Moongate, ours have been fitted with the age-old symbols denoting the Yin Yang philosophy. 



In Chinese philosophy the concept of Yin Yang is used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. Many natural dualities, such as day and night; water and fire; male and female are thought of as physical manifestations of the Yin Yang concept.

Practical Construction Details

Each of the twelve segments of the Yin Yang Moongate is made from four inch thick English Oak and is hand-shaped.

The segments are joined using a stainless steel threaded bar, washers and nuts. Both ends are then plugged using the same oak.

The Moongate is eight feet in diameter.

The black and white Yin Yang pieces are set into drilled recesses at the appropriate places.

The Moongate is finished with wood oil to nourish and enhance the wood grain.

The Moongate weighs approximately one-third of a ton and therefore stability is essential. The segment from "5 o'clock" to "7 o'clock" should be concreted in a trench in the ground. This will still comfortably allow two people to walk through it side by side; even six footers! 

Basic Price of the Yin Yang Moongate from its Dorset workshop is £1500.00.

On placement of an order, a deposit of £500.00 is required. This covers the cost of the raw English Oak.

U.S.A / North America for our friends and customers across the water, I have made enquiries with a U.K. Shipping Agent. It would appear that the charge from door-to-door is approximately as much as the Moongate itself. Contact me directly for further details .... but this gives you an indication of what it is likely to be.

Delivery: charged at 38p per mile, to the destination and back, regardless of where on the UK mainland, as per SatNav from Sherborne, Dorset.

Installation: £20.00 per hour (depending on conditions, should not take more than 2 hours per Moongate)

3 bags of concrete @ £7.50 per bag (£22.50) per Moongate.

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